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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wedding Bell

Just got back to my normal life after helping friends on their wedding day. Now that reminds me of how beautiful a wedding can be.

(Source: www.kpupointer.com)
It's about love and commitment. It's when those two hands met on the aisle. When they walk down the aisle together. When oath being spoken. When rings are being put on each of their finger. And when their hearts joined together.

Only love and commitment to one another are being shown there.

Whenever a couple get married because of their love for one another, it's always a great achievement, worth celebrating about. As friends or relatives, we could always give support they needed.

For this relationship to go through much more in life, it must be build on a simple "trust". It's always easier to fall in love than to trust others. But if there is trust, the love won't fade. Staying committed is another thing. Even in our workplace; our boss, supervisor, colleagues require us to be committed. Moreover in a marriage, it will requires more commitment than any other.

To any couple getting married soon, may your love grows stronger.
To any married couple, may your love continues to be a blessing to others.

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