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Monday, September 19, 2011

Faith Over Doubt

Faith and Doubt will always exist together. Believing is choosing faith over doubt! - Dr. Yonggi Cho

Faith or Doubt? They will always exist together. How much of trust are we putting in God? How willing are we to stretch our faith?

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Even though we can stretch our faith, it is nothing like a rubber band. Once you stretch a rubber band, it will get back to its original state. And once you over-stretched it, snap! It breaks.

But faith, once stretch it will not go back to its original state, and there will be no limits of how much you can stretch it.

But doubt is like a faith crusher. The more faith you got, the more doubt the devil will try to put in you. That's why they exist together. Can you stand firm and continue to believe?

There will be a time when your faith are being tested, putting doubt in front of you as a choice, as a mean of escape. Let me urge everyone reading this, stand firm! Don't ever let any of us choose to doubt, over the faith that we have. Instead, let us always choose faith over doubt.

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