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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Is It God?

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A lot of us have been through tough time, going through tough time or about to go through tough time. It's a normal and repetitive process, also a stressful time. Because each time, things are just tougher than the one we been through before.

But we just can't expect life to always go according to what we want or how we want. We can only embrace it, went for it and persist through it.

Recently, I've been in one. I was so stressed, until one day i just broke down and ask God for His help. But His answer doesn't come right away. I just keep praying day after day. Until He answer me one day. Then I felt a sudden relief, knowing that my God hasn't leave me yet, and He won't of course.

Sometimes, we just let out a big grunt: "When is it God?" (like what I did). As if it was supposed to be His job to get us out of trouble every single time. While we ourselves didn't put in effort. What I learn from what happen to me this past few days is that "tough time" is supposed to be a TEST. A test to our faith, a test of our character.

Will we be able to stand strong and face whatever comes our way, or just grumbling our way through without doing anything? So, no more asking, "When is it God?" instead asks "What can I do right now?"

3 things, we should keep in tough time: Keep on believing. Keep on persevering. Keep the character.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Holy Week: Good Friday

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Good Friday, which is also known for the Crucifixion. But before the Crucifixion, how much did Jesus go through? First, He was sent to Annas, who found nothing. And then sent Him to Caiaphas the high priest, who believed Jesus blaspheme.

While at that, Peter was in the courtyard waiting and denied Jesus three times. Of course he felt remorse and sad. But remember, none of the other disciples was there. On that very day, Peter repented and becomes the stronghold for Christianity. How can a man, full of mistakes and failure become the rock? By repentance. As long as we have hope, God is able to use us.

Now, back to the story. So Jesus was then sent to Pontius Pilate who also found no fault with Him. Again, they sent Him to King Herod. As we know, no answer again. Finally arrived back at Pontius Pilate'. Imagine the distance Jesus has traveled while in chain. More than what I will probably take in a day.

When he offered to released a prisoner named Barabbas (known for the murders) or Jesus, they chose Barabbas. And they shouted at Jesus, "Crucify Him!". The very same crowd that give honor to Him when He entered Jerusalem. Unbelievable!

He was whipped, humiliated and finally crucified. But when He died, He brings forgiveness. Will you accept Him now?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Holy Week: Holy Thursday

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Widely known for the Last Supper, it was the night before Jesus was crucified and right before He was arrested. During the Last Supper, Jesus even washed the disciples feet. Again He showed us humility.

After the Last Supper, Jesus and His disciples went into Gethsemane to pray. Remember how Jesus struggles with God, knowing that He will be crucified (Mark 14 : 35 - 36).

If we knew we were going to go through some pain, imagine the struggle we will have. I can't imagine how He felt back then. Crucifixion is already bad, plus the pain He has to go through, and humiliation. This is all just too big for any man. But Jesus, He took them all.

Have you humbled yourself? Knowing there was (and is) a Man who have (and still) humbled Himself just to save you?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meaning of Easter: Hope and Forgiveness

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Easter is just around the corner as we know it. For years, children are dazzled by the Easter egg and Easter bunny. All the activities they are doing on this very day involved 'eggs', from painting them to finding them. But what is the real meaning to it?

Originally, it was known as Passover (before crucifixion and resurrection of Christ). It was a celebration to commemorate the Exodus from Egypt. And ever since then, it has been a common practice among the Israelite.

To Christians nowadays, it's to remember the crucifixion and be thankful for the resurrection of Christ. When we look at what is the purpose of Christ coming to earth, we will find the meaning of Easter. That is to give us hope and forgiveness. Egg itself also means a new life, a new beginning.

Knowing the meaning is not everything! Have we spread the hope and forgiveness around? Have we really forgive the people that have done wrong to us? Are we able to let go of the hurts we keep inside?

Fear not! For that very reason, Jesus is sent to us, to help us. Let us open up our heart in this Easter and learn to forgive as how Christ taught us.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Holy Week: Palm Sunday

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Without any doubt, Easter is just around the corner, and we have come into Holy Week. It first starts off with Palm Sunday. This is the day where Jesus triumphantly enters Jerusalem, and the people of the town puts up their clothes (and palms) on the road for Him and the donkey.

The fun truth about this event, got to be the donkey. Why Jesus choose donkey instead of horse? Wouldn't people laugh at Him? Well, donkey is well known for its stupidity. But it was all because of its loyalty to its master, always do what it was told to do.

Besides that, Jesus was showing that He is humble. And also, donkey symbolizes peace, which in this event, Jesus came into Jerusalem with Peace. Remember, He is the Prince of Peace.

Not only on that day, but NOW! He wants to come into our heart with peace; and believe me, this 'peace' is still available to us. But have you prepare your heart to receive Him? To receive peace?