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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Is It God?

(Source: www.dothegreenthing.com)
A lot of us have been through tough time, going through tough time or about to go through tough time. It's a normal and repetitive process, also a stressful time. Because each time, things are just tougher than the one we been through before.

But we just can't expect life to always go according to what we want or how we want. We can only embrace it, went for it and persist through it.

Recently, I've been in one. I was so stressed, until one day i just broke down and ask God for His help. But His answer doesn't come right away. I just keep praying day after day. Until He answer me one day. Then I felt a sudden relief, knowing that my God hasn't leave me yet, and He won't of course.

Sometimes, we just let out a big grunt: "When is it God?" (like what I did). As if it was supposed to be His job to get us out of trouble every single time. While we ourselves didn't put in effort. What I learn from what happen to me this past few days is that "tough time" is supposed to be a TEST. A test to our faith, a test of our character.

Will we be able to stand strong and face whatever comes our way, or just grumbling our way through without doing anything? So, no more asking, "When is it God?" instead asks "What can I do right now?"

3 things, we should keep in tough time: Keep on believing. Keep on persevering. Keep the character.


  1. If only Christians will always remember Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Everything happens for our own good. Thank you.

  2. Thanks! I think you just outlined my topic here. Haha