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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

God Who Fought & Is Fighting For You

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." - Exodus 14 : 14

Lately, this is the verse that I have frequently saw and heard. Only then I know what God trying to tell me.

I have been too busy with all my work, with all the planning ahead. All of us do, and when we do, we just forget on how to be still. And how it has worked wonders & miracles in our lives.

(Source: www.blackloveforum.com)
Our minds, often played a trick on us on setting our priority right.

The most important thing in life is not our career or our study, neither it is our wealth.

First being foremost is our relationship with God, and secondly our family and friends. Then there are places for ourselves, our career and everything else.

When we have our priority right, we build our relationship based on the priorities list.

Believe me that when God is on top of that list, the rest of them is easier than they look.

Only then, you can learn how to be still, believing that God will fight for you. Because if God can do it before, He will keep doing it for you. Rule: Only if we believe.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rough Day Ahead

(Source: www.scientificamerican.com)
Ever felt that you are about to face a rough day? Just because you had a bad start? Or are you having a whole bad day, and worry that tomorrow would be the same?

This kind of feelings do come with fear and worries. But the good news is that we should never worry about what is going to happen tomorrow or the future. For God has given us assurance that He would provide for us.

*Read Matthew 6 : 25 - 34

Wait! That doesn't give us an excuse for not working, or doing nothing and just sit there. No no no! We still need to give our best for today, and God will do the rest.