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Monday, September 26, 2011

Into The Lions' Den

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The story of Daniel being thrown into the lions' den is of no stranger to many Christian. In Daniel 4, we could clearly see that how the administrators and officers are jealous of Daniel's promotion and how they devise to harm him. Finally resulting in him being thrown into the lions' den.

A group of lion are very dangerous. They could even take on any animal much larger than their size. Yet, they didn't even put a scratch on Daniel. All those because of God's grace, and of course Daniel is said to be a man of integrity and faith.

In our lives, aren't we always faced with adversities, problems, dangers. But be grateful that it wasn't because somebody else plot against us. Be grateful that we have friends who will and could help us. Unlike Daniel, put in a situation that not even his friends, the king or anybody else could save. But he chose to believe.

Moreover us, could we stay believed in the midst of danger?

Life is full of danger, and that's what worth living for!


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