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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Diamond in the Making

When people found the so-called diamond, it was merely a rough stone with the quality of becoming a diamond. But they need to process the diamond, which is very difficult. It requires specialized knowledge, skill and equipment.

(Source: www.diedikz.blogspot.com)
Well, Christians are like diamonds. We are merely a rough stone when God found us. Let's just leave the "diamond cutting" to God.

Basically a diamond cutting process consists of planning, sawing, girdling, polishing and final inspection.

In the planning process, the manufacturer will need to analyze the final shape the diamond will take, taking into account the weight, the color and its value.
Same goes with us, imagine God when He first found you and say, "This is where I am going to put you. This is how I am going to used you."

In the sawing process, the diamond are being separated into pieces to be completed as separate gems.
As a Christian, growing in spiritual life is absolutely a must. That's when God began to take away pieces of us that aren't good.

In the girdling process, two diamonds are being set to grind each other to shape each of the diamond into a round shape.
Growing in Christ can't be done solo. We need to have fellowship with other Christian. This is so much needed because it's the way we could keep our spiritual life strong. Aren't man created not to be alone?

In the polishing process, facets are being cut onto the diamond and final polishing is performed.
As we go through difficulties in life, and we will, we must get stronger and stronger. It's a definite process that determines your worth.

Then there is a final inspection, where the diamonds are being cleaned and inspected for one last time.
Don't you want God to say, "Well done" when He inspected you?

You are the diamond in the making. Believe!

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