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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What The World Tells Us

How often is it that you are told how good you are and what a great job you have done?
How often is it that you are told that you can't do it, you're useless?

(Source: haileyburiana.blogspot.com)
Considering the two questions above, I believe you already figured out what the world always tell us. Yes, Negativity.

The world that we live in, this society tends to bring us down a lot more than to help us grow. Even if it's a close friend, how often is it will he / she tells you something positive, compared to all those negative stuffs told? It always get back to us, whether we take it silently or we rebuke it with positive stuffs.

The world will always set a high expectation on us. Yet some people in our lives, will at some point in time trying to bring us down, speak those negative words to us.

We on the other hand, supposed to give our best in everything we do, strive to be the best. Yet we cannot do it, because we are so bound by words from others.

Where do we find Encouragement? The Bible, The Word of God. We can always find the solutions there.

Next time when somebody tells you that you can't do it, remember God said that "Nothing is impossible." Just as easy as that. But first, we gotta know more about The Word of God. Start to read your Bible, meditate on it and pray more.
1. Stop putting your Bible on the shelf and take it out only on Sunday
2. Don't just try to remember what The Bible says only when you are troubled
3. Don't stop praying, especially when times are good

From now on, lives a life that's worthy to be told, leave a legacy start from now. If you don't challenge your mindset, you will never be who or what you want to be.

It is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be judged. - Thomas Jefferson


  1. Amen! God is the greatest encourager in the universe! Praise His Holy Name!! :-)

  2. Right! The Bible will always give us something that no amount of podcasts or blogs can give us, however good they are.

  3. Always go for The Source sister =)