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Monday, August 1, 2011


Miracle in Chinese is called 神蹟 which literally means "Trace of God" / "Footprint of God". 神 = God, 蹟 = Trace.

Now that I think about it, there are bound to be miracles in our lives if we believe. And those miracles are not only signs that we are being blessed. They are also meant for us to trace back everything to God.

(Source: www.adrianakems8.edublogs.org)
Look at a sandy beach. When there are visitors, there are bound to be footprints almost everywhere. Even if there is just this one person walked around there.

Now, when God walked in your life, God's footprints would be everywhere. And believe me, when God does that, there must be miracles happening in your life.

At the very end, it is up to us; whether we are tracing it back and be thankful or we just look at it and turned around the next moment forgetting it was there.

This is a very common mistake everyone would have made. When we are in need of God, we pray and pray. Even went on fasting. The moment God blesses us, we turned away and continue with our lives as if nothing happened, and stop praying. That's definitely NOT how things supposed to work.

 A reminder, never take God as a 'wishing well'. "Hey, let me just toss a coin in and make a wish, it will comes true." Well, there is no such thing. Whenever you're blessed or you experienced miracle in your life, be thankful. Learn to be grateful, for it truly comes from the Mighty One.

~ Always trace back to the Giver, not the gifts ~


  1. Yes, indeed ALL blessings come from above - from the Almighty. Also, we should note that everything but everything is good that takes place in our life even when it looks bad to us.

  2. God is so awesome! New follower :)


  3. Awesome.. Yes, God will never bless us with something we don't eventually need.
    Thanks for the comments and following.
    Have a great day =)