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Friday, April 8, 2011

Keeping A Positive Mindset

I've gotten this short story from my friend, and it goes like this:
So one day, a guy was walking down the street looking sad and desperate. His family is currently facing a financial distress.
As he walks into a small alley, he steps on something. He picks it up, grumbling, he says, "Argh, just a dented old coin." Even though that's what he says, he still bring that coin to the bank, so that he could exchange it for a new one. But the teller told him, "You'd better get it to a collector."
So he took it the collector and it was priced $30. He was happy and took the $30.
Walking down  the street, he saw some tool shop having a clearance sales on wood pieces. So he buy it with everything he has, so that he could make some shelf for his wife.
On his way back, a furniture shop owner saw those pieces of wood, and he offered a cupboard worth $100 to exchange for it. He agreed to it, and borrow a cart to bring it home.
Half-way down the road, a lady just moved in around there. As she saw that cupboard, she offered $200 for it. He doubted it for few seconds, then she offered $250 and he accepts it, returned the cart.
He arrived in front of his house, but to make sure, he took out the money and counted them. At this moment, a robber jumps out from the bushes, pushed him down and took the money away.
His wife saw it, ran outside and asked him a series of question, "Are you alright? What happened? What did the robber took?" He gets up and say, "Oh, it's nothing. Just a dented old coin I found this morning."

How many of us can be like that guy in the story? I figured out, normally people reaction would be, "Why? Why? Why?" But really, why must we be sad for something that we didn't owned originally? Instead, be thankful for what we have now. That's our family, our loved one, our friends.

Remember that every blessings come from God. And every problems are chances for you to keep your hope and faith in God, to challenge and shape your mindset.

Keeping a positive mindset is very important. As our mind is a very powerful weapon, but it's also the most vulnerable part. The devil attacks us by pouring out all the negative thoughts into our mind.

How to keep it out? It's easy:
1. Read the Bible, this is where God keeps his answer to our problems. Because God always has a positive answer
2. Associate with the right people. People with a positive attitude and thinking
3. Read more motivational book
4. Stop complaining. "If you can't say anything positive, don't say anything." (Monica Bradley)

~ Your Thinking Directs Your Life. Set You Thinking Right ~

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