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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Sailing Ship

Going through life is like traveling on the vast ocean, with many directions to take. Sometimes it is so calm, but some time storm will come.

Ain't that the same with life, when sometimes our life is so smooth, with no problem at all.
But, there will always come a time with all the difficulties to face, all the trouble around us.

But why must we be like a sailing ship, and not any other type of ship? Let us look at it one by one.

What makes a sailing ship?
The most common things can be found in a sailing ship are these:
1. Hull
This is the part where the ship meets the ocean. This part is the most important part of any ship. There is so many consideration in building the hull. The builder will need to consider the balance of cost, the load, the speed.
This is the basic on which we build our life, how we go through life. We need to consider the load / burden we are carrying through life, and how fast we are going in life. In other words, our character and attitude.

2. Rigging
Rigging is the essential part of the ship that determine where the ship move. It includes cordage to manipulate spars and sails position and shape, sails to catch the wind, and spars on which sails attached to. It is such a complicated feature that must be moved by the captain and the sailors of the ship. No one is allowed to even looked away for a second, especially during a storm.
There are 3 type of people in a sailing ship:
a. Captain (Yourself)
b. Sailors (People who helped us)
c. Passengers (People that know us)
In life, we are the captain, we determine where our life must go. And the sailors are the people around us who helped us to go the direction we wanted. These are the people that shape and mold us. Going through life isn't easy, it required hard work and determination. That's what you need to go through difficulties in life. But some people are just passengers. They come and go. We must remember that!

3. Mast
A mast is the arrangement of spars that held up the sails. A strong mast is required to hold the sails when a strong wind blow.
A mast is like our faith in God, and God is like the wind. Will we be able to hang on to our faith, when God isn't moving, when God moves in His own way, or when God Moves mightily. A sail ship can't fight the wind, because it will only find itself in the same spot, or it will have a hard time trying to get to the destination. Don't that happen us quite often? Trying to fight against God's will, even when it's so obvious. If you want to be success, follow God's will!
Easier said than done? A captain will always know where the wind is blowing because he has experienced it before. Same for us, we need to experience God more.

A sailing ship has a certain character. It went on a voyage bringing just enough supplies to get the other town / destination. Due to the weight that they need to maintain. Of course, the more load it has, the slower it moves. Since it is moved by wind.
In life, we bring far too much burden, so much that it slowed us down. We need to learn to choose our load. Prioritize our needs!

Lastly, if the ship wants to move fast, it will need a strong wind. But expect storm! If it is not strong enough, it will only end up ship-wrecked.
So, if we want to move fast in life, we'll need God's strong push. But are we ready to face the trial in front? That's why we need to have a strong foundation (good character and right attitude), have the right person in our life, and be wise in choosing our path.

~ Now, sail through the ocean of life ~

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