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Sunday, February 20, 2011

To start off...

Greeting all the way from my home sweet home.
What a great day it has been, packed but fun. Can't ask for more than that.
Today I got my brand new lappy. Even though I saved a lot, but I never have lacked in anything. For God indeed is my provider.
CNY just few weeks ago, but I can't deny how blessed I was. The good thing is the food, it's all about eating eating and eating... The better part is the "angpao"... Spending time with family is still the best part of all. =)

Not forgetting the devotion for today: "Humanizing Human" ~ Mt 22 : 39
When I red it I realize that sometimes, we do look at others only based on what we saw, what others said. But, we don't really know what they are thinking aren't we? Who would have thought that the Samaritan would be the one to help the robbed Jew. But that's how we should be! Helping those around us without having to first look at our differences. Only then we are worthy to be called a human.

Love God, Love People, Love Life

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