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Monday, February 28, 2011

22 Sentences that could calm a fight / argument

I found that a lot of young couple nowadays end their relationship because of a little argument. It could easily turn ugly if that small argument are not settled right away. So as I came across this article by Mutia Nugraheni, I thought I will share it. Hope it's useful.
Argument is relatively normal within any couple. The important thing is that how you could go through the process and come back to the relationship.
So, here is the 22 sentences that could calm a fight / argument:
  1. Try to understand my position
  2. Hold on, can I take it back?
  3. You don' have to finish it. I just need to talk to you
  4. This is very important for me, please listen to me
  5. I'm sorry, I've overacted
  6. I see, you're in a difficult position
  7. I can see my share in this
  8. I've never thought about it before
  9. I could be wrong
  10. we could agree and not agree on it
  11. This is not your problem, it's ours
  12. I felt disrespected
  13. We're out from the main problem
  14. You convinced me
  15. Please, continue to talk to me
  16. I realized this isn't your fault
  17. Thing just seems wrong sometimes
  18. Actually, what are we fighting for?
  19. How can I make things better?
  20. I'm sorry
  21. I love you
Theoretically, these seems to be working. But personally, I think it is better to have a clear communication, love and respect for each other.

~ Don't let your love be replaced by hatred caused by misunderstanding ~

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