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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Last Row

I've noticed that some church, don't encourage their members to come and fill out the front row. Or is it because some people are just too self-willed after being encouraged to come and fill out the front row.

Leaving it empty, doesn't look good at all. Besides, it looks like as if, they are keeping their distance from the presence of God.

It's like watching a concert, where everyone else would of course get as close as possible to their idol. Would there be anyone saying, "I love him/her, but well, I guess just seeing it from here is good enough."?

What makes the difference? L-O-V-E

Let us learn to love the presence of God. Isn't the purpose for going to church is seeking the presence of God, and not just fulfilling a religious duty?


  1. I've noticed all the rows near the back are filled first. I can't figure it out. Someone said that you can look at everyone if you're behind them but you can't turn around in church and see those behind you. I don't understand.

  2. Well, it is pointless to sit at the very end and look at everyone. Nonetheless, why would you turn around and see who is sitting behind you. There will be a time for fellowship.

    It's somehow an excuse to get undetected playing their phone or anything else. LOL