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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life That Make Great Impact

Couple of days ago, I learned about Edwards Syndrome. I prayed to God more than I usually did. I saw more people touched by a story, a true story. I saw how people could show genuine concern, give encouragement for one another. This is what happen.

A couple, leaders in my church just gave birth to a baby with Edwards Syndrome, Destiny Zoe Oh. Despite doctor initial suggestion for an abortion, the parents didn't give up. So is the baby, having go through the full pregnancy period, she was born.

Been alive for 3 days, and she has touched many lives. Well, let's say she fulfilled her "destiny". Check out their eulogy.

You have lived well, Destiny Zoe Oh.

P.S. Read up and share her story. You could check out twitter trend as well #DestinyOh

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