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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From Ordinary To Extraordinary

God had always choose ordinary people to do His extraordinary plan. In the Bible, there lies so many examples for us to learn.

Noah: A drunkard. Abraham: Too old. Isaac: A daydreamer. Jacob: A liar. Leah: ugly. Joseph: Abused by his brothers. Moses: Had stuttering problem. Gideon: Was afraid. Samson: A womanizer. Rahab: A prostitute. Jeremiah: Too young. David: An adulterer and a murderer. Elijah: Was suicidal. Isaiah: Preached naked. Jonah: Ran from God. Naomi: A widow. Job: Went bankrupt. John the Baptist: Ate bug. Peter: Denied Christ. The 12 Disciples: fell asleep while praying. Martha: worried about everything. Zaccheus: Was too small. Paul: Was too religious. Timothy: Had an ulcer. Lazarus: Was dead.

These people in the Bible was as ordinary and some as much as a sinner like anyone of us. But what man says about them are about to change, when God's plan in them start to take shape.

Noah: Build the ark. Abraham: Father of faith and many nations. Isaac: Obedience despite being sacrificed. Jacob: Wrestle with God and won. Leah: Mother to Judah. Joseph: Used by God to save his family from famine. Moses: Led Israelites out of Egypt.. Gideon: Free Israel from Midianites and Amalekites' oppression. Samson: Killed many Philistines and destroyed the temple of Dagon. Rahab: Acknowledge God of Israelites and saved her family. Jeremiah: Called to be prophet at young age. David: A man after God's own heart. Elijah: A prophet. Isaiah: An evangelist and a prophet. Jonah: Preached and saved the city of Nineveh. Naomi: Been given hope to carry on. Job: Kept his faith. John the Baptist: Baptized Jesus. Peter: Leader of the apostles. The 12 Disciples: Fervently preaching out the Good News. Martha: Loved by Jesus. Zaccheus: Hosted Jesus in his home. Paul: Sacrificed for Christ and His church. Timothy: An apostle, saint and martyr. Lazarus: Raised from the dead.

If all those people could experience something extraordinary, so could you and me. Nothing is ever impossible. In fact, God loves to use everyone of us, to do His extraordinary work, to bring honor to His name. This way, people will know, that it wasn't by their might, but by Christ who gives us strength (Philippians 4 : 13).

Are you feeling "you are nothing" today? Fear not! God will and probably is using you now. Always keep your heart open.

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