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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Test of Faith

The story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac (Gen 22) has to be the biggest test of faith the entire Bible has ever recorded. Sacrificing something that you always longed for, but once it's given to you, you are asked to return it. Did Abraham think that God would not do something like this, that this is a joke! NO!

He went up to the mountain with only one thing in mind, "If God can give me now, He can give me later." Doesn't it pain his heart? OF COURSE IT DOES!

He wasn't called for the father of faith for no reason. He has never withheld anything from God. Are you withholding anything from God? If one day God asked us for something we held precious, will we give it away?

Always keep this in mind, God will provide (Gen 22 : 14).

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