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Monday, July 18, 2011

How God Uses Computer

Another great and inspiring short reading from a friend:

When God created you, He never uses COPY-PASTE.
He makes the SETTING of your life beautiful.
He Chooses to MINIMIZE your weaknesses and MAXIMIZE your strength.
Everything good, He INSERT in your life.
DELETE all your mistakes and SAVE your future.
He always brings you to the NEXT, and not BACK to your past.
Even SKIP when accidents almost hit you.
When you need Him, He provided HELP,
so that you may QUIT from your problems.
He always wait for your heart to OPEN and ready for Him to EDIT.

*My notes:
He created everyone differently, unique in its own. It's just amazing how He plans everything for everybody on this world. Well, sometimes we might ask; "If God plans everything good in my life, why am I having problems?" There's only 2 answers for that. It's either us go with our own plans or God wanted us to trust in Him and His power to brings us through. For our God is a faithful God.

It continuously reminds me of how God has shown His mercy in my life for the last 24 years. Even though I may not remember half of it, but if it isn't God, where would I be today? When I flash back on the things that God has done for me, I'm always grateful that He never ever did give up on me.

Shouldn't I repay God faithfulness with my faithfulness? And shouldn't you too?

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