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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Letter From God

To: You
Date: Today
From: ME
Regarding: Be Thankful

This is ME,
Today I'm going to handle all your problems.

If the world gives you problem that you can't solve, don't try to solve it yourself.
Put it in MY box, and I will solve  it. I'll solve your problem according to the time I've set MYSELF.
I will definitely solve all your problem, but remember according to MY time, not yours.
Once you put it in the box, don't think about it and don't worry.
Instead, focus on the good things that happen to you now.

When you're stuck on the road, don't get mad. Because there are still so many people on the world that have never been in a car.

When you're facing problem in your workplace, think of the people that are still jobless even after so many years.

When you're sad because of your family, think about those people that have never love and been loved.

When you're getting bored with weekend, think about the people that must work over-time day and night without a holiday, just to provide for his family.

When your ride broke and you must walk, think about the disabled wanted so much to walk with their own leg.

When you saw that your hair has turn grey, don't be sad. Because having hair is just a dream for those going through chemotheraphy.

If you pondering the meaning of life and your purpose in this world. Be Thankful. Because a lot of people doesn't have much chance to ponder over their life.

With love,


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