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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meaning of Easter: Hope and Forgiveness

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Easter is just around the corner as we know it. For years, children are dazzled by the Easter egg and Easter bunny. All the activities they are doing on this very day involved 'eggs', from painting them to finding them. But what is the real meaning to it?

Originally, it was known as Passover (before crucifixion and resurrection of Christ). It was a celebration to commemorate the Exodus from Egypt. And ever since then, it has been a common practice among the Israelite.

To Christians nowadays, it's to remember the crucifixion and be thankful for the resurrection of Christ. When we look at what is the purpose of Christ coming to earth, we will find the meaning of Easter. That is to give us hope and forgiveness. Egg itself also means a new life, a new beginning.

Knowing the meaning is not everything! Have we spread the hope and forgiveness around? Have we really forgive the people that have done wrong to us? Are we able to let go of the hurts we keep inside?

Fear not! For that very reason, Jesus is sent to us, to help us. Let us open up our heart in this Easter and learn to forgive as how Christ taught us.

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