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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Week Left To The Year of Dreams

(Source: www.blog.smartypig.com)

Have you gotten your new year resolution? If not, you better start writing it down now.

How can we start a new year with no target in mind?

This is the question I struggled with as well. But I came across something that is helpful.

An image showing this:

LISTEN more TALK less
LOVE more ARGUE less
HOPE more FEAR less
RELAX more WORRY less
PLAY more WORK less

I believe it is a year to start chasing after our own dream. It has always been. Just that we care so much about what other people say about us, what they expect of us; that we began to forget about our own dream. We put it aside, on top on the shelf and dust begin to pile up on it. It is time! To take that dream out and live it.

Hope more, believe more. We can surely do it! Nothing will be gained if no risk is taken.

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