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Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't Wait

Don't wait for happiness, then you smile
Smile, and you will find happiness

     Don't wait to be rich, then you give
     Give, and you will be richer

Don't wait to be motivated, then you move
Move, and you will find your motivation

     Don't wait to be cared, then you care for others
     Care for others, and you will be cared

Don't wait for others to understand you, then you try to understand them
Try to understand others, and they will understand you

     Don't wait for inspiration, then you write
     Write, and inspiration will be in your writing

Don't wait for new project, then you work
Work, and new project will be waiting for you

     Don't wait to be loved, then you love
     Love, and you will be loved

Don't wait for you to have a lot of money, then you live peacefully
Live peacefully, and not only money but other blessings will be given to you

     Don't wait for new example, then you move forward
     Move forward, and you will be the new example

Don't wait for success, then you be thankful
Be thankful, and success will be added to you

     Don't wait for you to be enabled, then you do
     Do it! For you are able

Don't wait for you to be sick, then you care for your health
Because it is already too late

 By: Anonymous

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